“A Migrant Way of the Cross is being prepared in Tapachula”

Tapachula Chiapas March 25, 2022

Tapachula. – Migrants from all over the world have been arriving at the southern border of Mexico, more than 60,000 migrants is the approximate number that is currently in Chiapas territory, this has already been called a “bottleneck” for migration that you want to advance through different steps in Aztec territory.

Luis Villagran, defender of human rights and director of the center for human dignity in the city of Tapachula, has called for a migrant march, since there are hundreds of migrants who live in subhuman conditions and others who live in parks without being cared for or in precarious situations. .

“This has reached this point due to the ineffectiveness of the National Institute of Migration, they do not give us another option but to walk, that is why we are resorting to a trial of guarantees (Amparo) before a federal judge and you can find it on the page of the supreme court of justice of the nation, what we are going to do is take the amparos to the federal courts because through this page you will see the response of the federal judge where it will be indicated that the migrants in their journey will not be touched, deported and that must be attended by the regulation offices that are closed”.

US President Joe Biden has given a preamble to dialogue to be able to remove the policy of “Title 42” the famous “Stay in Mexico” this April 1, as a result of these statements the defender of human rights commented:

“It will have repercussions, it will be a terrible rebound of human beings here on the southern border, because we know of the difference in treatment given by immigration offices, although there are 60,000 migrants already stranded in Tapachula with this lifting of title 42, well I believe that in a month we will have more than 100,000 migrants”.

The regulatory offices say the opposite, they indicate that they are being given attention and give a number of 800 migrants processed per day, but public opinion shows the opposite, since different migrants from various entities show their disagreement with the “Special Treatment ” that is given to migrants who pay exaggerated amounts under the table to give preference in waiting.

“That’s right, there are Huachicoleros of migration, they are lawyers, they are processors who have access to the head of migration, because otherwise they will not be able to, although they have ceased, it is childish to believe that there is no corruption within the offices of the national institute of migration in Ciudad Hidalgo and these people who see parks are the people who are staying in Tapachula, we are doing this work even if you don’t think it altruistic, because it hurts us to see children in the streets and in parks at the mercy of criminals”

In what was recorded in the 2021 cycle, more than 7 caravans were carried out due to the demand of the migrant community due to the lack of fluidity in the delivery of humanitarian visas and the containment of progress in this, which is already known as the “Bottleneck”. ” for migrants at the southern border.

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