Migrants in caravan stitch their lips in protest!

The caravan of more than 6,000 migrants has walked nearly 41 km from Tapachula to the municipality of HUIXTLA where they have been spending the night for the past day. After 4 days of constant walking, caravan leader Irineo Mujica added:

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“Activists protest against Title 42 in the San Ysidro port of entry”

Tijuana Baja California Monday March 21, 2022

By Oscar Blue Ramirez.

TIJUANA. – Migrant activists protested at the port of entry known as San Ysidro with the purpose of demonstrating their disagreement with the imposition of Title 42 by the current administration of the United States. Human rights defenders consider this measure a violation of the same rights of asylum.

Pro-migrant activist Judith Cabrera commented: “In March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, the Donald Trump administration weaponized the United States Public Health Law to expel migrants seeking asylum at the border.”

The establishment of title 42 has been continued by President Joe Biden, which activists believe that title 42 should disappear.

” The Biden administration is upholding Title 42 and expelling migrants despite its promise to restore asylum and listen to the science. Public health experts and even CDC officials say Title 42 does not protect public health.”

They indicated that the rule is discriminatory and commented that migrants of Ukrainian origin fleeing the war are not applied to them and enter the country of the United States immediately.

“The Biden administration has expelled more than 20,000 Haitians to Haiti, where their lives are in danger, since the Biden administration took office “Human Rights First” has documented nearly 9,000 violent attacks against migrants blocked or expelled under Title 42 such as kidnapping, torture, rape, and even murder.”

About 35 activists from different migrant rights protection organizations and some migrants walked to the San Ysidro port of entry to protest against US immigration policies. During this walk, it was seen that Mexican and Central American families turned themselves in to seek asylum from the US authorities, but their request was not accepted.

Statistics shown by the US Customs and Border Protection authorities indicate that in fiscal year 2021 from October to December more than 38,000 unaccompanied children have been processed in the United States. However, the statistics shown by the Guatemalan Institute of Migration speak of a large number of migrants returned by air from the North American country to Guatemala with the figure of 17,806 and of this same entity in a matter of unaccompanied children in the same year the figure it was 3,697 returned to their country of origin.

Activist Judith Cabrera added: “Title 42 is rooted in xenophobia and discrimination. The order disproportionately affects Black and LGBTQ+ people, including pregnant women and children.” I finish.

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