Migrants in caravan stitch their lips in protest!

The caravan of more than 6,000 migrants has walked nearly 41 km from Tapachula to the municipality of HUIXTLA where they have been spending the night for the past day. After 4 days of constant walking, caravan leader Irineo Mujica added:

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“Alleged Jewish child trafficking network dismantled”

Huixtla Chiapas September 27, 2022

Chiapas.- A special raid between Mexican, Guatemalan and Israeli authorities managed to arrest a group of members of the Lev Tahor sect
By: Oscar Blue Ramirez
Chiapas.- A special raid between Mexican, Guatemalan and Israeli authorities managed to arrest a group of members of the Lev Tahor sect, who had been under surveillance for months.
On Friday morning, the police entered a complex 17.5 kilometers north of Tapachula, in Chiapas, where an extensive search and initial initial consultations were carried out, under the control of the Attorney General’s Office, at all times. the integrity of the members of the house was taken care of, reported the Jewish newspaper.
From that operation, the authorities managed to arrest two Israelis for the crimes of alleged organized crime and human trafficking.
Both were taken to the Social Readaptation Center (CERESO) number 3 in Tapachula.
After the operation carried out by the authorities, a minor was rescued, who is already with his father.
Currently, 19 people, including children and women, were transferred to the National Dif where they remain under the protection of the Mexican authorities, where they are provided with food and medical assistance according to their customs.
Another group of migrants reached the outskirts of the National System for Comprehensive Family Development (SNDIF), inside the Border Traffic Service Center (CAIFT) in Huixtla, where they protested and demanded that members of their community be released.
After the protest and demanding that they be allowed to enter the center to deliver food to the children and women who remain in custody, a group of National Guard agents remained outside the DIF facilities.
The National Migration Institute (INM) in Mexico clarified an information card that “has no record of people from the Jewish community housed in immigration offices in the state of Chiapas.”
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Brandy Baron
Brandy Baron
1 year ago

Thank you for bringing us something that our own government and media won’t… THE TRUTH. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Kathie Rottler
Kathie Rottler
1 year ago

sorry about my vote. i guess i hit the lowest one and it won’t let me change it to the highest one

10 months ago

Oscar, you and Ben Berquam should get a Pulitzer prize for your great reporting on the migrants story.
Too bad the elites will probably give it to someone less deserving.
Best of Luck

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