“California State Legislators have proposed abortion after birth that would reach up to 28 days of life.”

Sacramento Ca. April 20, 2022

Sacrament. – With a totally crazy proposal identified as (AB2223) 11 California state legislators have said yes to abortion after the birth of the child up to 28 days of life, of the 14 voters, 3 of them said NO and 11 approved with a YES. The most surprising thing about this proposal is that the majority of the legislators who approved 9 of them are Latino.

Anthony Aguero independent reporter for Border Network News and different US media has traveled to more than 4 states reporting and broadcasting in a “Convoy or Caravan” of Trailers and citizens who have demonstrated in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, protesting the mandatory application of the mask and the implementation of the vaccine in infants to attend their schools. At the moment of arriving at the capital of Sacramento, the “Convoy or Caravan” realizes that the legislators have put a proposal for abortion after birth up to 28 days of life, which did not accentuate well with the more than 100 protesters and showed their disapproval in front of the Sacramento capitol, regarding this Aguero told us.

“This is no longer political, it is no longer about equal rights, this is taking the life of a newborn, we are truly in a fight between good and evil, this is no longer political, it is beyond our reach and It is more disappointing that most of the legislators who have approved this are Latino, that truly tells us how we are as a community and the saddest thing is that the people of California have not said anything, most of us who are here against this We’re from out of state.”

The proposal known as (AB2223) has already been approved by the Sacramento state committee and consulate and will now be in the hands of the senate for and consequently will be sent to California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Regarding the future of this proposal if it is approved by the Senate and at the same time by the Governor of California, Anthony Aguero commented.

“If this proposal is accepted, I don’t know how far these people can go with so much evil, we are talking about a newborn, we are truly in a process of being able to analyze what these politicians do by taking this type of decision without consulting the public.”

In the following days it will be announced if the proposal will be approved by the Senate and from there it will be in the hands of the Governor of California, meanwhile the protesters have shown their annoyance with said proposal.

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1 year ago

Gracias Oscar everything you’re doing.

Peace & Blessings 🙏

1 year ago

Why kill the baby? This is horrible. They can drop off safe places to leave the baby like the fire dept. or police station with no questions asked. This breaks my heart. Hard to believe this is happening.


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