“Caravan desists and accepts documents”

Mapastepec Chiapas June 10, 2022

Mapastepec. – Around 1,500 migrants who were in the Santa Cruz park in the municipality of Mapastepec have obtained the Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) document. This group of migrants walked 100 km to obtain the dream document that allows them to continue their transit to the north of the country. Two days they were under the roof waiting for a response from the authorities until the human rights defender Luis Villagran arrives to give a press conference on Saturday morning informing the group of migrants that they will be provided with the document in the following hours .

It is worth mentioning that this caravan left on June 6 with an exacerbated number of around 15,000 migrants who walked to the municipality of Huixtla where some 8,000 migrants obtained their document to be able to travel freely through the country. However, the next morning a group of almost 2,000 migrants decides to go to Mapastepec to continue in a caravan. This same group was the one that was granted trucks on Saturday morning to take them to be processed at the Cerro Gordo station in the municipality of Huixtla.

With this, it is considered that the largest caravan that has left the city of Tapachula has been dissolved by the National Institute of Migration (INAMI) agreeing to grant thousands the multiple migratory format in order to travel freely through the country in a period of 30 days.

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1 year ago

We all hope you remain safe!


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