“Caravan of 15 thousand is divided on its route to Escuintla”

Huixtla Chiapas June 9, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramirez

Huixtla- . Around 8,000 migrants are scattered between the municipalities of Huixtla and Escuintla. Many of them have remained requesting the multiple migratory form at the Cerro Gordo migratory station there are around 3,000 migrants waiting for their procedure at said station. The rest of the amount left walking this morning around 5:30 in the morning towards the municipality of Villa Comaltitlán, but the plans changed and they have decided to continue walking to the municipality of Escuintla where around 4,000 migrants will rest and there they will wait for a response by the Mexican authorities to resolve their immigration status within Aztec lands.

Jadiel He is a migrant from Venezuela who has crossed the Darien jungle and tells us his position about the situation at the time the caravan is found.

“We have walked more than 60 km from Monday to here, we are tired, the children are dehydrated, the women cannot take it anymore, give us the Obrador visa, you told us that you were going to help us, where is your help, we want to go to the United States.”

At this time, the caravan is scattered throughout different municipalities since many have stayed behind due to fatigue and also the weather has been one of the main factors for dehydration in infants and women.

Around 4,000 migrants are expected to arrive in the municipality of Escuintla where they will rest before leaving the next day.

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