“Caravan walks 60 km and arrives exhausted”

Mapastepec Chiapas June 10, 2022

Mapastepec. – The caravan advances in a surprising way in a walk of more than 60 km starting from the municipality of Huixtla and ending in the municipality of Mapastepec. One of the most suffered walks where dehydration, fatigue and of course heat stroke were factors for hundreds of migrants to go through different health circumstances.

On June 9, the human rights defender and leader of this caravan, Luis García Villagran, through his Facebook platform, published that he had already managed to get the national migration institute (INAMI) to deliver 8,000 multiple migration forms at the station. fat hill in the municipality of Huixtla. This document allows migrants to walk freely through Aztec lands in a period of 30 days.

Now the challenge will be in the municipality of Mapastepec where there are around 3,000 migrants waiting for a solution and right there in the central park of the same city they will rest.

Luis Villagran has been emphatic in pointing out international organizations as irresponsible and inhumane, especially addressing the United Nations (UN) organization and mentioning them as accomplices for not providing humanitarian aid. In past statements, the leader of the caravan has said “The United Nations only come to take a picture and leave, they do not help, it is just a screen and a smoke screen.”

Today the human rights defender and director of the center for human dignity will have a meeting with the migrants who are in the municipality of Mapastepec.

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