Cases of Gonorrhea were detected in Tijuana

Tijuana, BC.
August 25, 2022.

By: Melina F.G.

Following a statement given to the media by the Secretary General of the municipal government, Jorge Salazar Miramontes, in which he indicated that a contagion of gonorrhea was detected that occurred during the first days of August, an event for which an intense operation was carried out, which was carried out under the instruction of Mayor Monserrat Caballero Ramírez.

In which 150 sex workers were withdrawn, 27 of them presented before the municipal judge for not having the health card which is issued by the Municipal Medical Service.

The operations will continue in the central and northern areas of the city, as well as in the eastern area, where the work activity of sex workers is increasing.

“The operations before August were carried out gradually, when I received the order from the medical services, we carried out these operations permanently, which is why we have seen an increase,” the Secretary pointed out.

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