“Collapse and Chaos at the immigration station at the southern gate of Tapachula”.

Tapachula Chiapas July 20, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramirez

Tapachula.- Around 3,000 migrants are camping in the street at the regulation station for documents at the south gate of Tapachula, where they have been waiting for more than three weeks for a response from the immigration authorities to process the multiple immigration form.

Yesterday an official from the National Institute of Migration (INAMI) came out at the point of the horn and addressed more than 1,000 migrants, explaining that the regulation office has been collapsed and that they cannot attend to the more than 2,500 migrants.

In subhuman and unhealthy conditions, children, women and a certain number of people with disabilities are waiting for more than three weeks for a response from the authorities.

Today around 1:00 pm due to the lack of attention and the lack of organization on the part of the Mexican authorities, the migrants decided to block and cover the avenues of traffic along the main street where the regulation station is located. of documents. For more than two hours the avenue was without access to citizens, until the Mexican National Guard enabled traffic.

The migrants have denounced corruption, a lack of organization by the authorities, but above all, a great annoyance is perceived by the absence of human rights personnel and international organizations such as the United Nations (UN).

The Mexican authorities are expected to respond in the following days to solve the largest migrant bottleneck in Mexico.

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