“Correspondent journalist for Tv Azteca was attacked by an agent of the National Migration Institute.”

Tijuana Baja California April 28, 2022

Tapachula. – The correspondent and journalist for Tv Azteca Pedro Gerardo Lopez has been cowardly attacked and pushed on public roads by an agent of the National Migration Institute. The video shows how the journalist in his work area is covering the migratory phenomenon (caravan) in the southern part of the country in the state of Chiapas in the Ejido Alvaro Obregon.

This is Giovani Cigarroa Bermudez bodyguard (Guarura) who responds to direct orders from a migration delegate, the element has been inside the institution for 3 years and today without scruples and tact on public roads he attacked and assaulted the journalist.

The video shows how the agent turns without being aware and deliberately pushes and attacks the journalist, sending him to the floor where, after having attacked him, he offers his hand, which in the eyes of the public and other journalists and reporters was not well received. .

Pedro Gerardo continued his coverage in a professional manner, keeping calm and waiting if any of the agents in charge would address him for an apology or simply to know if he was okay, but it was quite the opposite.

Pedro Gerardo López is known nationally as one of the correspondents for Tv Azteca with vast experience and especially on the southern border, journalists recognize him as a gentleman, respectful and hard worker within the multiple coverages in the migratory phenomenon known as “Caravans ”.

So far it is unknown if the National Institute of Migration has suspended the agent or if there will be a public apology since the aggression was seen by different reporters and media at the national and international level.

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