“Journalist puts Baja California’s name high by winning international award”

New York June 22, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramírez

New York. – Baja California journalist Claudia Orozco Vega receives “The Gracie Award” in the Big Apple in New York.

This award is given by the organization “Alliance Woman Foundation” which is responsible for recognizing the work of women in the media. This being the 47th of these awards, for the first time in history the foreign language has been included. And so the Baja Californian journalist who was the first to win this award has made history.

“Migration during the pandemic” was hard work with professional ethics as the distinguished journalist who lives and works in the city of Tijuana is known.

” My recognition to all my colleagues who every day go out to the streets to report in a city like Tijuana “.

Claudia Orozco has a degree in communication and has extensive professional experience that began at TV Azteca in Baja California and has collaborated for television synthesis, Telemundo, Univisión San Diego and Azteca América.

It is of great pride to celebrate these types of triumphs for women journalists in the state of Baja California where insecurity prevails, but nothing interrupts them to go out and carry out their work in a professional manner, with journalistic ethics and responsibility as Miss Claudia has done. Orozco.

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