“Migrants from the caravan stitch their mouths on a hunger strike in Tapachula”

Tapachula Chiapas April 2, 2022

Tijuana. – Due to the lack of communication or rapprochement by the authorities of the National Institute of Immigration, migrant men and women have decided to “sew up their mouths” in the form of a protest or a hunger strike. Migrants from different entities have stated that there has been no approach with a solution by the Mexican authorities after the strong confrontation last Friday and that they will wait for the migratory forms or humanitarian visas to be granted.

In the past months, migrants have already made this type of protest outside the migratory regulation station in Tapachula, Chiapas, the reasons were the lack of attention to be able to grant migratory forms or humanitarian visas in an agile and safe way.

To date, it is only known that 55 migrants have sutured their mouths, 10 of them are women and await a negotiation with the authorities so that they can obtain their humanitarian visa or migratory form that allows them to travel freely through the country of Mexico.

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