“Migrants have been waiting for 21 days to be treated in Tuxtla”

Tuxtla Chiapas May 26, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramirez

Photography: Jose Torres

Tuxtla. – Around 80 migrants live for more than 21 days outside the facilities of the National Migration Institute (INAMI) in the capital of Chiapas, the city of Tuxtla, where they wait for the humanitarian visa or some other solution to continue their migration. journey to the northern borders.

The group of migrants who have spent nearly a month outside the immigration regulation offices live in precarious situations and expect a solution as soon as possible, since many of them, mostly from Venezuela, explain to us that they have been cold with the rains. that have occurred in the last few days.

A migrant in a wheelchair from Venezuela who has crossed the Darien jungle tells us that the most difficult thing has been waiting in Mexico and that on her journey she has experienced unimaginable things.

“In the jungle there are many people from all over the world and in that place we have seen the worst, I think there is no place more horrible than that.”

The wait for more than 21 days has been exhausting, on the outskirts there are various bell houses and makeshift houses with sheets tied to trees and cardboard houses where migrants await a response from the Mexican authorities.

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