Migrants wait to leave the southern border in Tapachula

Tijuana Baja California January 3, 2023

By Oscar Blue Ramirez

Tapachula.- More than 3,000 migrants were on the morning of January 2 outside the courtyard of the offices of the refugee commission better known as (COMAR) in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas.

The migrants crowded the patio of the facilities since they were closed for reasons of Christmas holidays and non-working days. They await their humanitarian visa process and thus later be able to attend the installations of the INAMI national migration institute in order to obtain their transit permit.

It should be noted that INAMI did not close its activities despite the Christmas season. It is reported that this same entity has effectively delivered close to 14,000 multiple immigration forms for transit in the past months of November and December 2022, thus cleaning the area on the southern border.

According to different sources of information, they unofficially indicate that there are currently around 6,000 migrants stranded on the southern border in different parts of the city where they can process their immigration process.

Most of the migrants are from the entities of Haiti, Cuba, Africa, Central America and South America.

Photo: Manuel de Jesus.

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