“More than 200 migrants await their humanitarian visa process in the Suchiate gate with Guatemala.”

By Oscar Blue Ramirez.

Tapachula. – Under the sun for many hours migrants wait for their process to obtain the humanitarian visa in the part of Suchiate, the door that connects to the country of Guatemala. Families with infants and people of origin from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and Africa await their number to be served at the regulation offices.

A migrant of Cuban origin commented: “We hope that the processes will speed up, we know what happened a few days ago was not good where there was a strong confrontation between migrants and the national guard, we should not be like that, we should be calm, but to be Honestly, they take a long time and pass people in front of us who somehow give them preference.”

Along with this report, it is reported that people from the Central American triangle were being returned through the Suchiate River gate to Guatemala. About 6 people of Central American origin were returned through the south gate under the instructions of the National Migration Institute.

Statistics show that the Government of Mexico has returned by land to Guatemala in 2021 more than 40,700 migrants from the entity of Guatemala and more than 3000 unaccompanied children.

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