Migrants in caravan stitch their lips in protest!

The caravan of more than 6,000 migrants has walked nearly 41 km from Tapachula to the municipality of HUIXTLA where they have been spending the night for the past day. After 4 days of constant walking, caravan leader Irineo Mujica added:

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New confrontation between migrants from Africa, Latinos and Central America.

Monday March 14, 2022
By: Juan Manuel Blanco

Latin and Central American migrants faced stones, sticks and objects against African migrants this Friday afternoon on Manuel Velasco Suárez Avenue and the main access to the Migratory Regularization Offices of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

This new violent confrontation caused chaos, because the Africans threw stones and sticks on various sides of the streets, persecuted and beat migrants from other countries who carry out blockades and demonstrations demanding attention and documents.

Foreigners from Venezuela and Cuba other countries made two blockades on the main avenue with sticks, stones, in addition to having burned garbage and set fire to some palm trees.

These demonstrations have risen in tone hours after the arrival of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, where the delivery of more than 200 visas for humanitarian reasons was announced, to a group of the same number of people to regularize.

“Today 200 migrants gave them visas, they are still there and today we want help for everyone the same, we want a solution, we want an answer,” was the claim of a migrant from Honduras in the midst of this brawl.

This multitude of people carried out these protests, because they handed over their passports to the authorities of the National Institute of Migration, but they were not given any visa or travel documents, which triggered the discontent and the closure of streets.

However, the blockade provoked the anger of the migrants from Africa, who unblocked the roads, put out the fire and removed the stones and objects.

Kanemo, a migrant from Venezuela, reproached the migration authorities for treating Haitian and African migrants faster and leaving them last and without any solution.

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The exchange of stones and blows lasted around 10 minutes and both groups withdrew to the adjoining streets without injuring anyone.

When this type of violent action is recorded, the migration authorities suspend the activities to protect themselves from violence and stones.

Africans and migrants from other countries fight for places to enter the administrative migration offices to obtain their documents that allow them to move to the northern border.

The migrant from Venezuela, Carlos Rodríguez, regretted that the authorities call them to the offices and do not attend them.
He maintained that these protest actions are to request immigration attention and the issuance of their visas to be able to leave Tapachula.

Later, the African migrants returned to go behind the migration offices in the Las Vegas neighborhood to request attention for the issuance of their documents.

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