“Protestant migrants outside the American consulate in Tijuana”

Tijuana Baja California May 20, 2022

Tijuana. – Around 250 migrants from the Agape shelter run by Pastor Alberto Rivera showed up outside the facilities of the American consulate as a sign of disapproval of the Title 42 policy that on May 23 will supposedly be eliminated by the current administration of the US president Joe Biden. Pastor Alberto Rivera, director of the Agape Shelter, told us about the reasons for this demonstration.

“We are here in disagreement with the title 42 policy, we believe that it is discriminatory against the Latino entity since it is only being applied to them and we also understand that there is a judge in the state of Texas who wants to stop the elimination of this policy and We do not agree with it”.

The title 42 policy was applied as a health prevention method in the strongest time of Covid and different organizations have shown their discontent since they have stated that this policy violates the rights of asylum and refuge towards the United States.

“Every migrant in our shelter wants to do things right and do the processes legally and correctly here you see many infants and families from Mexico who are fleeing from violence and cartel persecution.”

Regarding the vaccination status and health conditions that the Agape shelter shows, this is what he told us.

“All migrants are vaccinated, including many of them who have received the booster vaccine, and this is not only in our shelter but also at all borders. There is already a more meticulous control for that same reason. We do not see why it has to continue with this policy”.

A great wave of migrants is predicted in the next few days not only to the southern gate of Mexico but also the thousands that are waiting on the northern borders between the limits of Mexico and the United States.

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