The border wall of Algodones Baja California is already made of cargo containers

August 18, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramírez

Algodones.- The border wall in Algodones Baja California bordering Yuma Arizona is already made up of cargo containers. In the open spaces of the wall they have placed cargo containers that are 40 feet long and on top they have filled them with barbed wire.

One of the places where more irregular crossing of migrants is this space, The small lake that divides the city of Yuma Arizona with cotton has witnessed hundreds of migrants who have crossed to enter North American lands under the requests for asylum and refuge .

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has resorted to the same strategy as Texas Governor Gregg Abbot. Ducey mentions that he has resorted to this strategy due to the enormous illegal activity found in Mexico, where human trafficking has been on the rise due to organized crime.

The US governor has also said that he has tried to approach US President Joe Biden numerous times in which he has mentioned that the migrant care and detention centers are overwhelmed, it has even been seen how migrants are wandering around the city of Yuma asking for directions to get to the border patrol offices.

The United States Border Patrol Department has reported a 1,000% increase in the irregular entry of cotton through said zone and Yuma compared to 2021.

Governor Doug Ducey has mentioned that he will fill all the spaces where the unbuilt wall is located with cargo containers and emphatically mentions that this operation is being carried out to prevent migrants from risking their lives or putting their physical integrity at risk in the hands of a trafficker.

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