“The tiredness of Migrants causes them to vandalize the Migration offices.”

TAPACHULA, Chis., 18, 2022.-Migrants who remain stranded in Tapachula, threw stones, sticks and tried to enter the offices of the migratory regularization subdirectorate at the height of the Solidaridad Las Vegas neighborhood this Friday afternoon. This group of people destroyed two gates of the institution with blows, kicks, throwing irons, stones and objects they found on public roads. From the street, the massive crowd of people tore up a sign and used it to hit the main gate of this office countless times. Likewise, they destroyed a video surveillance camera and glass, machines, furniture and everything they found on their way to the offices by launching stones in the form of missiles that destroyed doors, windows and furniture. This is the fourth time that migrants throw stones at members of the National Guard, carry out violence and vandalism against migration offices. This Friday, the violence got out of control, as foreigners demanded that the authorities of the National Migration Institute grant them visas for humanitarian reasons that allow them to transit through national territory. This incident left at least a dozen injured who were left in the middle of the stones that came from all sides and without control. Some undocumented immigrants had a broken arm, cracked their heads, one of the foreigners received a stone in the nose and mouth that left him injured and bleeding from the nose and mouth. Afterwards, the brawl was reinforced with more elements of the National Guard, who now guard the gates that were affected by foreigners. It should be noted that after the acts of vandalism were registered, the delegate in Chiapas, Paola López Rodas, arrived, who avoided giving any comment and entered one of the offices that were destroyed by the migrants.

Seen by Óscar Ramirez Delgado at 11:13 PM
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