“They enable a shelter for Ukrainians in the Benito Juarez Sports Unit in the Zona Norte neighborhood.”

Tijuana Baja California April 3, 2022

Tijuana. – Due to the arrival of hundreds of migrants from the country of Ukraine in recent weeks due to the war between their country and Russia, the arrival of Ukrainians at the northern border has been very notable at the international port of San Ysidro where hundreds They camp just steps from the dividing line between Mexico and the United States.

The delegation of Ukrainians together with the director of attention to migrants of the state and also of attention to migrants of the municipality have reached an agreement to relocate the Ukrainian community in the Benito Juarez sports unit in the North Zone.

It is known that in the old shelter known as the “Barretal”, the same one that was used in the 2018-2019 cycle to house migrants from Central America, there are hundreds of mattresses which have already been made available so that the delegation from Ukraine I transport them to the Benito Juarez facilities.

At this time the shelter has already been opened with more than 130 migrants from Ukraine and it is understood that it can have a capacity of up to 500 people, the building has bathrooms, showers and internet so that the displaced or migrants can communicate with their families in Ukraine.

It is known that the arrival of migrants from Ukraine has increased in recent weeks and it is estimated that the number of them at this time in Tijuana lands is around 2000 displaced from Ukraine.

The shelter is supported by volunteers from the United States and also from Ukrainians who already live in the North American country.

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