Tijuana Always Strong

Tijuana.- The beautiful Baja Californian weather in the month of August has always been identified worldwide as pleasant and above all exceptional to enjoy on vacation.

Tijuana Baja California Tuesday August 16, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramírez

Tijuana.- The beautiful Baja Californian weather in the month of August has always been identified worldwide as pleasant and above all exceptional to enjoy on vacation. Young university students after a stormy pandemic returning to classes trying to regularize their lives, while many young people at the secondary level suffered pandemic graduations and the typical goodbye from a vehicle with floral decorations honking the car horn throughout the neighborhood and of course the painful recovery of people who lost their loved ones to a virus that attacked the entire world.

After 2 years of pandemic, the city began to walk with changes in state leadership as the first lady to be governor of Baja California and a mayor who promises a strong resurgence in support of the youth and security of the beautiful northern border.

But this Friday, August 12, around 5 in the afternoon, organized crime once again put the integrity, heart, and courage of Tijuanenses and Baja Californians to the test, spreading fear with an overflowing burning of vehicles throughout the state. The sound of sirens by units of all levels of security could be heard in the late night of the border city.

Public transport was suspended, businesses were affected and closed immediately to prevent the agglomeration of people in order to protect physical integrity. Citizens standing at night waiting for public transport to get home safely.

It was there where the courage and the enormous heart of Tijuana took the caste, immediately citizens when they saw that their countrymen who were in fear waiting for public transportation in the late evening, these Samaritans decided to give the famous “Raite” and several Tijuanenses offered their vehicle to take them to their homes and thus be safe at home.

A florist placing floral decorations throughout the city with a message of peace.

Also the citizen responsibility that took its own initiative to maintain an optional curfew to be able to let the authorities take charge and do their job and thus return to daily life.

The night was long and on Saturday morning a city was seen alone. But that did not stop the Tijuanense around 10 in the morning mobility began to be seen in the city, the taxis began to go out to give their route, the most recognized businesses in the city did not lower their guard and decided to continue operations, the acrobats at every traffic light they didn’t stop. “The city did not give up and did not lower its hands.”

That same afternoon the military arrived at the international airport to support and thus bring La Paz back to the citizens of the most visited border in the world. Little by little the air of the famous “Everything is going to be fine” was breathed, the well-known “Nothing happens wey to give it forward”.

The attacks have not stopped in the beautiful city of Cerro de Centinela in Mexicali and also in the beautiful port of Ensenada, but little by little the authorities are taking control in order to bring security and peace to Baja Californians.

“It is clear that Tijuana does not bend, the hard work, the tireless heart, the winning mind, the head held high, the pride and above all the love for the city have been the pillars for not lowering the hands and saying that peace social will be intact, the city does not give up and will give up.

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