“Ukrainian encampment grows at the San Ysidro border port”

Tijuana. -The arrival of migrants from Ukraine to the northern border of Tijuana has increased during the last week of March.

Tijuana Baja California April 1, 2022

Tijuana. -The arrival of migrants from Ukraine to the northern border of Tijuana has increased during the last week of March. Around 600 migrants from this entity are within walking distance of the United States and are waiting to be assisted by the US authorities.

Kenneth Towe was born in the Ukraine and is now a naturalized American from Sacramento Ca. He tells us that he has come to Tijuana to help his compatriots with his own funds and also to assist with transportation from the Abelardo L Rodriguez International Airport to the international airline. San Ysidro.

“They are fleeing from the Russian invasion, we are here to support, we have come with our own funds and right now our focus is on assisting our people with transportation from the airport to San Ysidro yesterday we assisted almost 400 compatriots the day Today I think we will reach 500”.

Yesterday, the mayor of Tijuana, Monserrat Caballero, made a presence at the Ukrainian migrant camp and in the midst of the crowd, she commented.

“We welcome you to our city, we will support you with what is necessary and we will try to find a place for you so that you are well while waiting for your call to the North American territory.”

Bell houses can now be seen in the camp and the municipality of Tijuana has also supported the use of the facilities of station 22 “Puerta Mexico” of the Tijuana Integral Transportation System (SITT). You can also see a small dining room in the which different non-profit organizations have assisted with food for the 3 stages of the day.

Different shelters in Tijuana have been present to assist as necessary, one of them has been the shelter “Agape” which is directed by Pastor Alberto Rivera and this told us about the current situation in terms of assistance from the US government to the Ukrainian community.

“They are organized, they have a list where they wait for hours to be assisted, there are also different groups that are waiting for them in San Diego where they assist them in whatever they need, right now the state is in talks to find a community center to house them, we make presence to help in what is needed”.

It is predicted that in the month of April more migrants from Ukraine will arrive due to the armed conflict that they are currently facing with the country of Russia.

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