“Ukrainian migrants are already at the Otay Mesa border port in Tijuana.”

Tijuana Baja California April 1, 2022

Tijuana. -Around 40 migrants from Ukraine are waiting steps from the international port of Otay Mesa. The wave of migrants from Ukraine has not only arrived at the international port of San Ysidro, but some are already in the Otay area waiting to be assisted by the US authorities.

Svetlana is a migrant from Ukraine who is waiting at the Otay border port and this commented on the current situation in her native country.

“I am from a city that is currently being besieged, there we have more than 100,000 people who cannot leave because the Russian army does not allow us, every day they bomb us and hundreds of civilians die. The situation we are experiencing right now is difficult, we have been waiting here for a long time and the only thing we want is to get rid of the conflict, practically my city in Ukraine does not exist and many families have been lost, I do not know if I have lost family we do not have communication we have nothing ”.

At this time it is speculated that there are about a thousand migrants from Ukraine waiting in the city of Tijuana to be assisted with refuge in the United States.

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