Migrants forcefully break into the offices of the border port of Ciudad Hidalgo in Tapachula.

Migrants break into the offices of the Ciudad Hidalgo border port, where they confronted elements of the National Guard and ran over them.

.- This Tuesday afternoon, a group of migrants broke into the facilities of the Ciudad Hidalgo Border Port again, en masse, outwitting the federal authorities. The undocumented, rioted outside the facilities of the pedestrian access of Mexico and Central America, throwing stones, objects and pushing the doors. For several minutes, the undocumented immigrants struggled with elements of the National Guard and overcame them, entering en masse, since they spent several hours waiting for responses from the Mexican authorities, without being successful in their procedures. The foreigners entered running towards the Border Port, in order to reach the National Migration Institute (INM), overcoming the elements of the National Guard who maintained anti-riot equipment to protect the property. The members of the National Guard tried to stop the contingent of migrants between men, women and children, who were pushing and shouting. The officials only observed the crowd of between 500 and 700 people from different countries who left Tapachula in order to enter the federal offices. The undocumented remain on the esplanade of the Ciudad Hidalgo Border Port, after being entered without the authorization of the Mexican authorities. It is the third time that migrants violently enter the offices of the Suchiate Border Port, which is the new site of protests and demonstrations by undocumented immigrants seeking visas for humanitarian reasons or Multiple Migratory Forms.

Óscar Ramirez Delgado

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