“Government of Mexico grants letter of definitive expulsion from the country to migrants on the southern border”

Tapachula Mexico August 8, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramirez.

Tapachula.- The National Migration Institute (INAMI) has granted migrants who irregularly enter Aztec lands a so-called letter of definitive expulsion, this is applicable to those migrants who have been detained in operations by the immigration authorities in the which have detected their irregular stay and taken to the station known as the 21st century to process their stay in the country.

The expulsion letter grants them an amount of about 20 days to leave the country, which they seek in some way to regularize their stay during that time.

Many migrants have decided to travel with this document knowing that they can be detained by the Mexican authorities and be returned to their place of origin immediately. But this way some migrants have decided to advance with this document towards the northern borders in the limitations with North American lands, trying their luck not to be detained by any Mexican authority.

The shocking thing will now be for the US authorities, since those migrants who achieve the American dream with a letter of expulsion from the country of Mexico, in theory, could no longer be deported to Aztec lands by the US government, otherwise they would have to be admitted to North American lands or returned to their country of origin since the same letter says that they were expelled from the country of Mexico.

This expulsion letter will put pressure on the North American authorities on the policy known as “Stay in Mexico”, since migrants who arrive achieving the American dream with this expulsion letter in theory cannot be returned to Mexico, they would have to be returned to their country. of origin or your stay would be permanent in the United States.

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