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“Migrants from the caravan stitch their mouths on a hunger strike in Tapachula”

Tijuana. – Due to the lack of communication or rapprochement by the authorities of the National Institute of Immigration, migrant men and women have decided to “sew up their mouths” in the form of a protest or a hunger strike. Migrants from different entities have stated that there has been no approach with a solution by the Mexican authorities after the strong confrontation last Friday and that they will wait for the migratory forms or humanitarian visas to be granted.

“A Migrant Way of the Cross is being prepared in Tapachula”

Tapachula. – Migrants from all over the world have been arriving at the southern border of Mexico, more than 60,000 migrants is the approximate number that is currently in Chiapas territory, this has already been called a “bottleneck” for migration that you want to advance through different steps in Aztec territory.